United States Experience

From 1981 to 1985, Mr. Katirai worked as a consultant on Iranian law in Washington, D.C. During that period, he regularly analyzed and advised on issues of Iranian law and international law, in particular as they related to companies that had business in Iran. After being admitted to the District of Columbia Bar in January 1985, Mr.Katirai established his own law practice. Since that time, he has provided legal advice to a number of United States and European companies and law firms on matters pertaining to Iran and Iranian law.

Mr. Katirai has studied, researched and applied Iranian law to the legal disputes and transactions since 1967. He has prepared legal opinions and served as an expert on Iranian law issues in numerous U.S. Federal and State court proceedings and has prepared and submitted affidavits and memoranda on Iranian law matters in legal proceedings before Canadian and European courts and arbitration proceedings. Mr. Katirai has testified as an expert on Iranian law in numerous cases, including Halliburton v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, 93 T.C. 758 (1989) and in Continental Illinois v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, 94 T.C. 165 (1990). The Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia, in Octagon Inc. v. James McKenzie International Trading PLC et al., No. 135015 expressly found Mr. Katirai to be an expert on Iranian law. The Supreme Court of California, the County of Los Angeles, in Mehri Saadat Pouratian v. Nemat-ollah Pouratian, Case No. 266168 and the United States Department of Justice, Executive Office of Immigration Revenue, Office of Immigration Judge, Hartford, Connecticut, in In the matter of Jaleh Arfah, Respondent, file No. H28-926 541, found Mr. Katirai to be an expert on documents issued in Iran. Mr. Katirai also testified in In the Matter of Hahid Ahmdpour, File no. 88-229-274, before the United State Department of Justice, Executive Office of Immigration Review, Office of Immigration Judge.

Iranian Experience

Mahmoud Katirai practiced law continuously in Iran from 1968 through 1980 (with the exception of his enrollment from 1972-1973 at Georgetown University Law Center). During that period, he served as an associate in the law offices of Musa Sabi, Esquire, Dr. Alexandre Aghayan and Associates, and as a partner at John. A. Westberg and Associates and Katirai and Associates (later known as Katirai and Fathipour). He was principally engaged in the general practice of law. Mr. Katirai has extensive and detailed knowledge of the laws and regulations of Iran both prior and subsequent to the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. In 1971, he taught commercial law at the Insurance School in Tehran. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, he served as counsel for several Iranian government agencies and entities controlled by the Iranian government.

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Law Library

Mahmoud Katirai's library of Iranian law sources is probably unique outside Iran. It includes all of the laws enacted in Iran from 1926 to the present time, a collection of judgments issued by the Supreme Court of Iran en banc, and treatises on Iranian and Islamic law. It also includes daily issues of the Official Gazette in which all Iranian laws are published and parliamentary debates are reported, as well as a number of Iranian legal publications, which enable Mr. Katirai to keep current on new developments in Iran.

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Mahmoud Katirai is fluent in Farsi and English and has a reading knowledge of Arabic. He was licensed and practiced as an Official Translator to Iran's Ministry of Justice from 1971 until he left Iran in 1980.






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